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Have you ever stood in line at the airport and wished that the genius in front of you had read "The Idiot's Guide to Air Travel" before they had a chance to mess up your day?

Yeah, me too.

Check In Sit Down Shut Up!
presents real life lessons for those among us who suck at traveling. It's also for those of us who have had just about enough of watching the hijinks of others screw up the whole shebang at the airport. You may be used as an example at times, dear reader and fellow traveler. Or made fun of. Ya never know. This book will educate the flat-liners and tickle the funny bone of experienced travelers. Either way, prepare to laugh, snort and nod your head in recognition.

For the clueless traveler or the yet-to-travel, please read and learn. The sanity of your fellow traveler depends on it.

lots of snark ahead. Plus some adult language. Do NOT buy this book if you have no sense of humor. Do NOT  buy this book if you have no idea how to travel by air without making your fellow passengers want to strap you to the wing. On second thought, if you are *that* traveler, do pick up this book. You might learn a thing or two. Or end up writing hate mail to the author.